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© 2018 by Benjamin MacRae.

About Benjamin MacRae


As a child, I remember looking on in awe as my father worked on one of our PCs. Throughout the years my interest and knowledge in computers and technology has grown. In high school I enjoyed learning some of the basics about computers. In college I excelled in every technology course that I attended.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking electronics classes that taught me basic theories, testing techniques (oscilloscope and multi-meter use), and circuit design & fabrication. I also took computer technology courses that taught me about computer hardware & software. My troubleshooting skills, customer service knowledge, and knowledge base grew. I learned about LAN, WAN, server setup & administration.

I learned about programming in Java, basic, visual basic, C, assembly, PostgreSQL, CSS, and HTML. I also completed the Mechatronics program, which combined mechanics, computers, and electronics. The program taught me several fabrication techniques, robotic subsystems, and programming techniques. All of the classes included labs with practical applications.

As I finished completing the technology courses, my teachers guided me toward a business degree as a good companion for my technology education. So, I worked toward getting a Business Administration and a Management Information Systems (MIS) degree. I learned economics and accounting methods for the business administration degree. While studying for the MIS degree, I learned how to develop applications for business professionals with .Net software.

I furthered my education at William Jessup. Where I learned business theories, documentation (marketing plan & business model canvas), and project management. After graduating, I explored Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) as a potential monetary source, and as a way to learn rapid prototyping. During this time, I learned how 3D printers operate, and Autodesk’s Fusion 360 CAD software.

I hope to use this wide array of knowledge and experience to help others understand and enjoy technology.

  My Expertise


  • Computer Support & Repair

  • Network & Server Administration

  • Mechatronics (Robotics)

  • Rapid Prototyping (Design, Fabrication, Testing)